Dr. Róisín Murphy, Senior Lecturer, School of Surveying &Construction Management (SSCM), TU Dublin

Dr Róisín Murphy is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Surveying and Construction Management (SSCM), TU Dublin. Having completed her primary degree in Economics and History from UCD, she completed a Postgraduate Diploma and a Master of Business Studies (MBS) at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. She also holds a MSc Strategic Focus and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) awarded by Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

Róisín has researched and published extensively within the construction and built environment sector with particular focus on property and construction labour market analysis, strategic management and sustainable development. She is co-chair of the Build Digital Project, Digital Leadership and Cultural Change pillar.

Shane Cahill, Consultant, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Shane is a Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). He has an honours degree in Engineering and is a member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland.
Shane has over 30 years’ experience in construction health and safety. He is currently self-employed providing consultancy services, delivering health and safety training and acting as a Safe T Cert auditor. Past roles include co-founder of the Trinity Post Grad Construction Safety course, member of the board of examiners for Engineering in Tallaght IT, member of the Senior Safety Advisors Group and Chair of IOSH Construction Specialist Section.

Brian Molloy, Inspector, Health & Safety Authority (HSA)

Brian Molloy joined the Health & Safety Authority as an inspector in 2006 and is a Chartered Member of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Brian has worked as a Construction Inspector for the South East region of Ireland and currently works with the Enterprise and Employee Support Unit which was set up to help businesses comply with health and safety regulation. In his time with the unit Brian has overseen the development and promotion of BeSMART.ie, the growth of new business types, hazard assessments and resources for construction sector.

Mark Cullen, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Health and Safety Authority (HSA)

Mark is a qualified Civil Engineer and worked in the construction sector in the UK prior to joining the Authority in 1999. Mark has worked as an inspector in several of the high risk sectors including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail and transport. In 2007, Mark became a member of the Authority’s senior management team, managing a multidisciplinary team of inspectors in his role as Senior Inspector for the Authority’s South East regional team. Mark has represented the Authority at European, National and Regional level, serving on various committees and working groups. Mark is currently the Authority’s representative on the European Senior Labour Inspectors Committee. In April 2018, Mark was appointed as Assistant Chief Executive for the Operational Compliance and Prevention Division and he is now a member of the Authority’s Executive Team.

Dermot Carey, Director, Safety, Training & Skills, Construction Industry Federation of Ireland (CIF)

Dermot is a Civil Engineer and has worked in the industry since 1986. He joined CIF in 2000 and is now Director of Safety, Training & Skills.

Dr. Sharon McGuinness, Chief Executive Officer of the Health and Safety Authority

Dr. Sharon McGuinness is the Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority since 2018. Prior to her CEO role, she was Assistant Chief Executive for the Chemicals and Prevention Division in the HSA since 2006. She was also a member of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Management Board in Helsinki since 2014 and served as Chair of the Management Board from October 2016 to October 2020. Before joining the Health and Safety Authority, she worked in government and regulatory affairs for Hewlett-Packard and with the European Chemicals Bureau in the European Commission.

Brenda O’Brien, Manager, Brussels Liaison Office, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)

Brenda O’Brien is the Manager of the EU-OSHA Liaison Office in Brussels, representing the interests of the Agency in the EU institutions such as the European Commission and the European Parliament, other international and European organizations, NGOs and the Brussels’ press corps. She is heavily involved with the European Social Dialogue, with the European Social Partners, and with companies and stakeholders engaged in workplace health and safety. Previously, Brenda worked in the Agency headquarters in Bilbao, focusing on the Agency’s campaigns and SMEs.
Brenda graduated from Limerick University with a degree in European Studies, followed by a postgraduate degree from Trinity College, Dublin.

Sarah Miley, Principal Officer, Apprenticeship & Public Policy Partnering, Department of Further & Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science

Sarah Miley graduated from the National University of Ireland, University College Dublin, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and a Master of Arts (Politics). She subsequently obtained a Master of Arts (Public Management) from the National University of Ireland, Institute of Public Administration, and a Professional Diploma in Organisational Change and Transformation from the National University of Ireland, University College Dublin.
Her career has largely been spent in the broader education and training field, through national agencies and central Government departments. With considerable experience in the area of public service reform, she joined the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science in 2021, where she has responsibility for the Apprenticeship and Public Policy Partnering unit. In this role she is responsible for apprenticeship policy and construction and green skills. A particular focus within construction skills is on construction safety, including new legislation on licensing arrangements for construction safety training.

Niall Keane, Director, Niaron Ltd

Niall is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Niaron Ltd. He has overall responsibility for HSEQ, is committed to managing all aspects of Company activities safely and within prescribed Company Integrated Management System, relevant Legislation and Standards.
Niall, along with his brother Ronan, effectively manage the operational aspects of the company which includes Civil Works, Ground Works, Quarry Works, Cable Pulling, Traffic Management and Mobile Generation specialising in the Utilities and Marine sector.
Over twenty years Niaron Ltd have established a reputation for mastering challenging and technically complex projects while continuously identifying ideas for new safety initiatives to help improve Health & Safety practices throughout the company and is unrivalled in terms of consistency and personal touch.

Eamonn Stapleton, Managing Director, Clonmel Enterprises

Eamonn is Managing Director of Clonmel Enterprises and Vice-President of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Eamonn has over 40 years working in the industry and has been the director responsible for health and safety since 2010. He has been a member of the Construction Industry Federation of Ireland (CIF) health and safety committee since 2020. He completed MSc OSH in 2021.

Niamh McNulty, Corporate Health & Safety Manager, Coffey

Niamh McNulty is the Corporate Health & Safety Manager for Coffey. Niamh has nearly 25 years’ work experience in health and safety, accident prevention, insurance and claims management, predominantly within the civil engineering industry. Niamh has worked for Coffey as the company Safety Advisor and subsequently Health and Safety Manager, since 2001. She has experience in civil engineering and roadworks projects as well as water, wastewater, rail, bridge road and specialist engineering projects. During her tenure she has established and developed a functional and effective Safety Management System (SMS) and has lead and supported the company through a journey of Health & Safety awareness and changing behaviour. The company’s ongoing safety evolution is supported by the HSQE Team’s keen interest in psychological safety, safety leadership and ‘changing the language’.
Niamh is actively involved in the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Safety Policy Committee and has been a Chartered Member of IOSH since 2005.

Paul Kelleher, Group HSE Director, Specialist Technical Services (STS)

With over 20 years of experience in the wider construction industry as a whole and 14 years as a HSE specialist, Paul has vast experience of managing safety in large companies and across demanding projects.
Currently Pauls position as Group HSE Director with STS Group requires management and control of STS Group sites across Ireland, UK, Europe and the Middle East with responsibility for over 1500 workers within the supply chain. The current position entails ensuring compliance with all current legislation, regulations & best practice in relation to health and safety in the workplace.
Paul has a broad range of experience from civil, rail, tunnelling ,utilities, commercial and heavy industrial. For the past 12 years Paul has been working in the Mechanical & Electrical sector for industry leading companies, primarily STS Group.
STS Group, is leading provider of electrical engineering, instrumentation, design and commissioning services across Ireland, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Michael O’Connor, Group EHS Director, Mercury

Michael has been a senior EHS advisor since 2002 following a career in civil engineering, and has worked in multiple roles in the industry including contractor EHS lead, PSCS, PSDP, consultant, client team EHS manager and most recently since 2013, Group EHS director for Mercury.
Michael was trained by JMJ in 2004 as an incident and injury free trainer and has completed multiple classes where interaction with attendees and facilitating two-way discussion in a safe environment has led to feedback that contributed to safer projects.
Michael’s behavioural safety journey is ongoing and as an avid student of psychology related topics and his own experience where existing behavioural safety programs had fallen flat due to stagnation of ideas, he co-founded an external company named Making Safety Personal (MSP) and this training has been successfully rolled out in over 10 countries by their clients and has contributed to multiple projects LTI free and some best-in-class projects globally for blue chip confidential clients.

David Smith, Director, Construction, Quality and Green Skills Delivery, Further Education and Training Authority

David Smith is the Director of Construction, Quality & Green Skills in SOLAS. David has over 30 years management experience in human resource, technical training and organisational change across military, utilities, pharma and aviation sectors. Within SOLAS, David has specific responsibility for Safe Pass, Construction Skills Certification Scheme, Quarrying Skills Certification Scheme. David is currently leading on the operational implementation of Safe Pass on – line and Licensing Authority projects for the construction sector. David chairs the Construction Industry Advisory Group.

Marie-Josee Boesten, Founder, MJ Coaching & Consulting

Marie-Josee (MJ) Boesten is the founder of MJ Coaching & Consulting and a senior consultant at Prescient Leadership Consulting. She has over 35 years of experience in coaching, consulting, and workshop design and facilitation, with an overall focus on safety leadership and culture transformation.
She has worked across Europe and Australia with thousands of people from many cultural backgrounds in a wide variety of industries, including oil & gas, construction, energy transition, local government, small business, public & holistic health and higher education.
Currently MJ and her business partner Lawrie Parrett are engaged in a company-wide safety culture transformation process with a leading Irish construction company.
MJ is mother to a wonderful adult son, loyal friend, loving partner, supportive sister, budding painter, student of yoga and meditation, avid reader, committed investor in The Hunger Project and passionate about poetry.

Michael McLoughlin, Associate Director – Health, Safety and Sustainability, John Paul Construction

Mike graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from UCD, before joining John Paul Construction where he worked in Engineering and Project Management roles for over 10 years. He has completed Postgraduate Diplomas in both Health and Safety in Construction and Project Management in Trinity College Dublin and was appointed Health & Safety Manager in 2010.

Within John Paul Construction, Mike has been a champion of Behavioural Safety and Safety Leadership and its relentless in the pursuit of Safety Excellence for the company.

He is an active member of the CIF Safety & Health Subcommittee and is involved in several industry committees such as the SOLAS Construction Industry Advisory Group and other technical working groups and sub-committees.

Mike was recently promoted to the role of Associate Director – Health, Safety and Sustainability at John Paul Construction.

Niamh Gilmore, Group Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, Mercury

Niamh joined Mercury in January of this year as Group Health & Wellbeing Coordinator. She was inspired by the role and the company as they take the mental health and wellbeing of their people seriously.

The EAP support program was expanded to employees’ families, project wellness boards, Peptalk & Spectrum life health apps, wellbeing toolbox talks, mental health, first aid training & peer support, as well as physical health initiatives, CSR, health checks and wellbeing champions who are constant drivers of health and wellness company wide, making sure it is an imperative part of safety. The company’s commitment to this initiative is clearly evident.

People have always been Niamh’s passion. She is a certified ICF Professional Personal and Business Life Coach, with a Life & Workplace Coaching special purpose award distinction. Niamh holds an advanced coaching accreditation from The Irish Life Coach Institute, an advanced diploma in mental health and wellness coaching from Kingstown College, a degree in Psychology and is also a Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner.

Michelle Quinn, Co-Chair Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee (CSPAC), SIPTU.

Organiser Services Division SIPTU

Michelle Quinn is a Sector Organiser in the Arts, Culture, Print, Media and Sport Sector of the Services Division, Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU) With extensive industrial relations experience in both private and public sector she has also built up significant knowledge on effective employee engagement and workplace innovation and the contribution that makes to employee well- being and sustainable employment. While in the Manufacturing Division Michelle has also worked closely with the SIPTU IDEAS Institute, which is tasked to identify ways in which new thinking and new services can be introduced into work places for the benefit of employees and the enterprise as a whole. Michelle’s passion for effective representation, affective employee engagement and innovation and her strong advocacy on OSH, is combined with her academic background. She holds an Honours Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Mediation and Workplace Conflict Resolution, as well as qualifications in Industrial Relations, Equality Studies and Training. This combination equips her to deliver results through affective advocacy, and leadership with, and on behalf of, the members she represents. Michelle is Secretary of SIPTU’s OSH Advisory Committee, a Member of the ICTU Health and Safety Committee and the ICTU OSH Strategic Committee. She is an ICTU nominee to EU OSHA Irish Focal Point and also coordinates annual Health and Safety Seminars for SIPTU in conjunction with other Trade Unions. Michelle is also Chair of the ICTU Disability Committee and a member of the SIPTU Disability Committee, and is a strong advocate for the rights of those with a disability.

Trish Gillespie, Talent Manager, Collen Construction & part-time HR Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin

Trish Gillespie, Talent Manager, Collen is committed to building high-performance teams, fostering an environment where talent can reach their potential while working towards achieving the goals of the organisation.
Trish has worked on several strategic employee engagement projects across the oil and gas industry and most recently in her role with Collen, Trish is now working on further developing the Employee Value Proposition while managing workforce planning across the project life cycle both in Ireland and across Europe. Trish applies an inclusive approach to talent acquisition with a focus on retention and deployment across the organisation.
Along with a passion for learning and development, Trish lecturers part-time on the Project Management, post grad diploma programme in Trinity College Dublin. Trish has a BSc in Business and Marketing and a Master’s in Management and Leadership from Nottingham Trent University.

Brendan Maloney, CEO & Co-Founder, Skillko.com

Brendan is CEO & Co-Founder of Skillko.com, a resource compliance software platform that focuses on onboarding, inductions, briefings and training management of direct staff and supply chain for businesses. Brendan has 14 years’ experience in HSEQ/Operations, working for large utility companies before setting up Skillko to solve known problems he was experiencing.

Skillko’s focus is to digitise and automate what are known monotonous time consuming tasks which gives time back to our clients. Skillko works with some of the leading construction, utility and mechanical and engineering businesses throughout the UK & Ireland.

Rosalind Carroll, Chief Executive Officer, Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB)

Rosalind Carroll is the Chief Executive of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB), the state body which assesses personal injury compensation.
She took up her role in March, 2020, having previously been CEO of the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), the regulatory body for the private rented sector.

Ms Carroll’s experience as a senior executive has included positions at the Housing Agency as Head of Regulation and Head of Housing Services, as well as roles in the Department of the Environment and Dublin City Council, covering housing and programme management. She holds an MSc degree.

Colleen Milligan, Regional Ambassador, Lighthouse Club

Colleen Milligan is one of the newest members of the Lighthouse Charity team, taking up the post of Regional Lighthouse Ambassador. Colleen’s will represent the charity across Ireland building awareness of services on offer from the charity and growing support from the construction industry across the island.

She is passionate about mental health, well-being and resilience work. Colleen is a qualified mental health and well-being coach and trainer and has spent many years delivering mental health and well-being courses and programmes to the business community.

Colleen’s previous role was as fundraising manager with Air Ambulance Northern Ireland where she worked to help grow the young charity’s brand and income over four years. She is incredibly excited about this new role with Lighthouse and ensuring everyone in the construction industry across the island of Ireland has access to free and confidential support in times of crisis.

Maura Winston, Chief People Officer, Cairn Homes

Maura Winston is a Chief People Officer with deep experience from her roles spanning HR, organisation development and change management. Maura leverages her significant leadership experiences both consulting and in-house roles and is currently the Chief People Officer at Cairn Homes Plc. Maura’s key strength is enabling organisations to scale by designing and driving the people and change agenda in complex business growth/transformation strategies. She has particular expertise in aligning functions and increasing organisation effectiveness within and across leadership teams. Prior to her time in Cairn Homes Maura spent 10 years with the Federal Court of Australia as Director of Innovation and Change Management where she was responsible for the implementation of change programmes across the Courts working with the leadership team to identify future innovation opportunities that will lead the Federal, Family and Federal Circuit Courts into the next generation of its service and digital capabilities. Maura trained with Accenture as a change management and organisational design consultant and has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology from UCD.

Barry O’Brien, Associate Director EHS, Kirby Group Engineering

Barry holds the position of Associate Director EHS and is responsible for coordinating the entire Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management systems within Kirby to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards. This includes the setting of objectives, based on management reviews, key risks and legislative drivers, towards continual improvement and for reviewing the EHS implementation and activities across the entire company. His role is to provide leadership and development of a professional team of EHS Managers, EHS Advisors and administrative staff ensuring all EHS programs, procedures, training, work practices and controls are effectively implemented for Kirby. His responsibilities include identifying applicable EHS regulations and risks across the organization and in many jurisdictions while interacting with directors, internal departments and external organisations and to implement acceptable systems in order to ensure compliance and conformance to EHS policies and management systems.

Kevin Sheridan, Board Member, Construction Industry Registration Ireland Board (CIRI)

Kevin is a Chartered Building Engineer, Chartered Civil Engineering Surveyor, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Project Management Surveyor and Chartered Construction Manager.He is an Independent professional Board member of the Voluntary CIRI registration Board, from its inception in 2014 to the present, and was involved in the development of CPD criteria.
Kevin is currently Chair of the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) TC/00 6 Construction Standards Consultative Committee. He is a Past President of the Irish Building Control Institute, Past President of the European Association of Building Surveyors and Construction Experts and Past President of The European Council for Building Professionals.
He is a former Irish Branch Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Building, the Society of Chartered Surveyors (Building Surveyors) Division and is a former Regional Chair of the Institution of Civil Engineers – RoI (Republic of Ireland). He spent over 30 years in Construction Management, Surveying and Education & Training Management and worked as a Project Manager in FAS Construction Environmental Training Unit in developing Nationally accredited and Pan European Professional Training Qualifications. He was previously a Safe-Pass Tutor

Debbie Treacy, Head of HR, Walls

Debbie joined Walls Construction as Head of HR in April 2019. Her previous experience includes 10 years with a specialist Irish building contractor and HR generalist roles with an international charity and a major telecommunications company. Debbie manages all aspects of the company’s HR function, with an emphasis on supporting management and staff to attract and retain the best construction professionals working in Ireland today.

Kieran Rudden, Environment, Health & Safety Manager, Modern Homes Ireland

Kieran Rudden is an EH&S Manager with over 10 years’ experience in the industrial construction sector, having worked both in Ireland and North America on major infrastructure and mining projects. Employed by MHI Modern Homes Ireland Limited since 2020, the company which is based in Cavan, manufactures, supplies and installs light gauge steel frame modular housing to the Irish and UK markets. Kieran has gained significant insight into the benefits of modern methods of construction and offsite manufacturing and has experience working with the wider team to produce a vast quantity of modular units in a safe and controlled environment whilst yielding a high-quality output. Kieran has a degree in Engineering as well as a qualification in Occupational Health and Safety.

Anthony Keogh, Regional Account Manager, Hilti Ireland

Anthony Keogh has been a well-known figure in the Irish mechanical and electrical landscape for the last 45 years. Tony began his professional career at 15 in Guinness Brewery with a 6-year apprenticeship in Industrial & Domestic Plumbing and Welding before spending the next 2 decades in a variety of areas including the brewery’s R&D facility.

Tony followed this with 8 years specialising in welding for Castolin Eutectic before transferring to Schindler Lifts to become an Area Sales Manager, advising on the design and installation of projects nationwide.

Currently Tony is a Regional Account Manager for Hilti providing leading-edge construction technology to some of the largest specialist contractors in Ireland. Tony has a great passion for sharing Hilti’s innovations with customers to help them drive productivity and improve the health safety outcomes for their workers in the most sustainable way possible.