Niamh McNulty

Health & Safety Manager, Coffey

Niamh McNulty is a HSQE Manager for Coffey.  Niamh has over 25 years’ work experience in health and safety, accident prevention, insurance and claims management, predominantly within the civil engineering industry. Niamh has worked for Coffey as the company Safety Advisor and subsequently Health and Safety Manager, since 2001. She has experience in civil engineering and roadworks projects as well as water, wastewater, rail, bridge road and specialist engineering projects. During her tenure she has been actively involved  in the development and promotion of a functional and effective Safety Management System (SMS) and has lead and supported the company through a journey of Health & Safety awareness and changing behaviour. The company’s ongoing safety evolution is supported by the HSQE Team’s keen interest in psychological safety, safety leadership and ‘changing the language’. Niamh is actively involved in the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Safety Policy Committee and has been a Chartered Member of IOSH since 2005.

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