Sinead Gaines

EHS Regional Manager, PJ Hegarty

Sinead has 19 years’ experience in environmental, health and safety in the construction industry and joined PJ Hegarty in 2016. Sinead is a member of various committees, including the Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee CSPAC, CIF Safety Committee, H.S.A and CIF Collaboration committee and the NSAI committee tasked with the revision of the IS 361 code of practice for the safe use of tower cranes and self-erecting cranes.

PJ Hegarty recently received the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award at the Irish Construction Excellence awards for our “Don’t Walk By” behavioural programme and is shortlist again this year for her contribution to digitising a Behavioural base programme. Sinead specialises in psychological and behavioural safety and believes a positive safety culture is a key driver in the recognition of good health and safety practices by the workforce and has personally seen how these initiatives assist in attaining the highest standard of safety on site.

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