Brent Pope

Motivational and well-being speaker

Brent is a former New Zealand rugby player and ex-professional rugby coach. He is perhaps best known in Ireland as a rugby pundit for RTE television. But he is also a best-selling author having published 6 children’s books, as well as writing an award-winning autobiography ’If you really knew me’ which centered on his struggle with mental health illness. In 2020 Brent also published a No 1 best-selling wellness book entitled ‘Win’.

Brent has studied psychology and is also a fully qualified psychotherapist. He has his own successful clothing brand, called POPE and has just launched a worldwide mental wellness awareness movement called the Elephant in the Room. Brent is a mental health ambassador  for many organisations and charities, and has worked closely with many of the UK’s leading construction companies. Brent recently received a national IBEC Award for his years dedicated to mental health awareness in Ireland. He speaks openly and poignantly about his life and in trying to create a safe and supportive environment for us all to live in.  

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