Human-centred technologies for a safer and greener construction industry

The European construction sector faces three major challenges: increase the safety and well-being of its workforce, improve its productivity and become greener, making efficient use of resources. To address these issues, the sector aims not only to achieve major advances in cutting-edge technologies that can enable a safe, rewarding and digital work environment for a new generation of highly skilled construction workers and engineers, but also to deliver housing for all at scale and at speed.

  • What impact will new technologies in modern methods of construction have on health and safety. 
  • How can we leverage modern construction methods and digitalisation for enhanced efficiency? 
  • What lessons can we learn from other countries that are creating a pioneering concept where innovative, industrialised construction meets the human aspects of what a home should be?
Associate Director, Clancy Construction
Head of Commercial Ireland/UK, Remagin (Ireland) 
Head of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), NSAI (National Standards of Ireland)
Contracts Manager, Walls

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