Digitalisation and use of AI in remote construction fieldwork operations

With the increasing move towards digitalisation of fieldworkers, Health & Safety and Operational leaders need to be abreast of the latest solutions being used by progressive organisations in the sector.

The session will include:

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence and how it is being applied within the design, construct, operate and maintenance processes
  • A look at how predictive risk solutions are being used to aid fieldworkers and managers from data led sources of information
  • Increasing awareness of remote risk visualisation and how it is being used to provide actionable insights that enhance Safety and Productivity through the construction phase
  • An in-depth look at how smart solutions are now being used to connect the remote field workforce with management, through application programming interfaces that enable the integration between digital solutions
Co-Founder & Chief Futurist, FYLD and Advisor, Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, UK Government

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